We Direct Bill to Insurance Companies

Registered Dietitian services are covered by many medical insurance companies. 

The amount of coverage will vary and is based on your individual plan/policy. Our ability to direct bill is also specific to your plan/policy.  We are not able to direct bill to more than one insurance company per service rendered. 


We recommend looking into your coverage ahead of time to plan your nutrition program effectively. 

Certified Diabetes Educator services are covered by some medical insurance companies. This coverage is through Chronic Disease Management. This is important if you have diabetes as you can use CDM coverage or Registered Dietitian coverage depending on your plan/policy. 


No Coverage? Registered Dietitian services are tax deductible, so you can claim the service on your income tax if you don't get reimbursed 100% or have insurance coverage. 

Will I Need To Pay Anything? 

If you would like to direct bill to an insurance provider it is required to be arranged prior to your appointment (at least 2 days before), please contact us for more information on arranging direct billing. 

Setting up insurance coverage is the responsibility of the client. If it is not arranged prior to your appointment than we ask that you pay for the service and you will be provided a receipt that you can submit/claim to your insurance provider at your convenience. 

You do not need a doctor’s referral to receive Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator or Certified Bariatric services, however your medical insurance may require a referral for coverage.